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Student counseling

Student Counseling

Education plays an important role in each individual’s life. It is one of those crucial decisions that one has to take when preparing for a promising career. With right education the student will be able to explore his abilities and talent to excel in his profession. In order to take this decision, Counseling and mentoring comes into consideration – it forms an integral part of education industry. Therefore, we at Majestic Career Solutions ensure that each applicant is given a thorough guidance as to what should be their long term plans. Our team studies each case carefully and pays attention to every detail mentioned by the student during the interaction. Counseling not only helps the student to find answers to various study-related problems but also build their confidence to take right decision and engage in active student life.

Visa Guidance

PR Advisory

For prospective immigrants who aspire to settle abroad, we help in filing the PR application, credentials acknowledgement & other legal formalities. Our PR consultants’ team comprises of immigration lawyers in the respective countries and seasoned professionals who have ethical approach and understanding towards the process and ensures maximum success. This team evaluates and processes cases diligently as per the rules and regulations of the destination country and advises them in the best possible way. At present migration services are open for Australia, Canada & New Zealand.

Foreign language Coaching

Foreign Language Coaching

It is agreed that learning an additional language always comes handy. It helps the professionals to have better chances of gaining international opportunities and distinguishes them from the rest of the bunch. Therefore, we encourage our students to take up at least one foreign language other than English as per the requirements of their universities or country of their choice. In addition to that, we impart personalized language courses in Spanish, French & German. We also provide coaching for IELTS & TOEFL.

PR Advisory

Visa Guidance

We offer visa guidance to our students and assist them in preparing the required documents necessary for acquiring a student visa, banking assistance and etc. We prepare a file on the basis of the information provided by our client and advise them as per the regulation of their destination country. Applications which are not deemed qualified by our team will not be advised to proceed further.

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